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Australian Podcast Interview Again!
by Teacher - Wednesday, 23 February 2011, 07:25 PM
The Australian Podcast, edtechcrew.net , recently released their 150th episode.
The episode begins with the congratulating voices of our former Lincoln-casters, "Bob", "BillyBilly" and "Paul"! The end of the episode has a 20 min or so catch-up interview with Mr. Marcos (hey, that's me).

Congratulations to not only "Bob", "BillyBilly" and "Paul", but to all our students who have contributed to our now-global Mathtrain Project. When are you coming to create a math video? Ya, you! Come on by!

Lincoln Middle School's Mathtrain.TV on the Australian EdTechCrew Podcast.

The beginning of the Australian show has the students and the last 20 min has me. The middle part of the podcast is great, too. But if time is an issue, Lincoln is represented at the beginning and then the end of the above podcast.